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    Research Interests

    "Printable/Shape-Conformable Batteries"

    ■ Architectural design of shape- conformable power sources
    ■ High-fidelity printing processes for shape-conformable power sources
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    Research Interests

    "Flexible/Paper Batteries"

    ■ Eco-friendly cellulose nanofiber paper separator membranes
    ■ Nanocellulose integrated building blocks that enables flexible/high-performance batteries
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    Research Interests

    "Advanced Membrane for Energy Applications"

    ■ Permselective organic / inorganic hybrid composite membranes
    ■ On-demand physicochemical/electrochemical functionalization of separator membranes
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    Research Interests

    "Multifunctional liquid/solid electrolytes"

    ■ Organic/inorganic hybrid solid electrolytes for beyond Li-ion chemistry
    ■ Control of interfacial phenomena between electrode materials and electrolytes

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