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163. Ju-Myung Kim, Seung-Hyeok Kim, Nag Young Kim, Myeong-Hwa Ryou, Hongyeul Bae, Jin Hong Kim, Young-Gi Lee,* and Sang-Young Lee*
Nanofibrous Conductive Binders Based on DNA-Wrapped Carbon Nanotubes for Lithium Battery Electrodes
iScience 23, 101739 (2020) [Link]

162. Seung‐Hyeok Kim, Ju‐Myung Kim, David B. Ahn, and Sang‐Young Lee*
Cellulose Nanofiber/Carbon Nanotube‐Based Bicontinuous Ion/Electron Conduction Networks for High‐Performance Aqueous Zn‐Ion Batteries
Small 2002837 (2020) [Link]

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161. Sodam Park, Imanuel Kristanto, Gwan Yeong Jung, David B. Ahn, Kihun Jeong,* Sang Kyu Kwak,* and Sang-Young Lee*
A single-ion conducting covalent organic framework for aqueous rechargeable Zn-ion batteries
Chem. Sci. 11, 11692 (2020) [Link]

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160. Woo‐Jin Song, Minsik Kong, Sunghwan Cho, Sangyeop Lee, Jimin Kwon, Hye Bin Son, Jun Hyuk Song, Dong‐Gue Lee, Gyujin Song, Sang‐Young Lee, Sungjune Jung, Soojin Park,* and Unyong Jeong*
Stand‐Alone Intrinsically Stretchable Electronic Device Platform Powered by Stretchable Rechargeable Battery
Adv. Funct. Mater. 2003608 (2020) [Link]

159. Wangwang Xu, Chaozheng Liu, Qinglin Wu,* Weiwei Xie, Won-Young Kim, Sang-Young Lee, and Jaegyoung Gwon
A stretchable solid-state zinc ion battery based on a cellulose nanofiber–polyacrylamide hydrogel electrolyte and a Mg0.23V2O5·1.0H2O cathode
J. Mater. Chem. A 8, 18327 (2020) [Link]

158. Zhaohui Wang, Yong‐Hyeok Lee, Sang‐Woo Kim, Ji‐Young Seo, Sang‐Young Lee,* and Leif Nyholm*
Why Cellulose‐Based Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices?
Adv. Mater. 2000892 (2020) [Link]

157. Jung-Hui Kim, Inchan Hwang, Se-Hee Kim, Jeonghwan Park, Wonjoo Jin, Kwanyong Seo,* and Sang-Young Lee*
Voltage-tunable portable power supplies based on tailored integration of modularized silicon photovoltaics and printed bipolar lithium-ion batteries
J. Mater. Chem. A 8, 16291 (2020) [Link]

156. Sang‐Woo Kim, Sang‐Young Lee*
Transparent Supercapacitors: From Optical Theories to Optoelectronics Applications
Energy Environ. Mater. 3, 265 (2020) [Link]

155. Sangil Lee, Sang-Woo Kim, Matteo Ghidelli, Hyeon Seok An, Jiuk Jang, Andrea Li Bassi,* Sang-Young Lee,* and Jang-Ung Park*
Integration of Transparent Supercapacitors and Electrodes Using Nanostructured Metallic Glass Films for Wirelessly Rechargeable, Skin Heat Patches
Nano Lett. 20, 4872 (2020) [Link]

154. Seok‐Kyu Cho, Hong‐I Kim, Jin‐Woo An, Kwangeun Jung, Hongyeul Bae, Jin Hong Kim*, Taeeun Yim,* and Sang‐Young Lee*
Printable Solid Electrolyte Interphase Mimic for Antioxidative Lithium Metal Electrodes 
Adv. Funct. Mater. 2000792 (2020) [Link]

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153. David B. Ahn, Seong-Sun Lee, Kwon-Hyung Lee, Jung-Hui Kim, Ju-Won Lee, and Sang-Young Lee*
Form factor-free, printed power sources 
Energy Storage Mater. 29, 92 (2020) [Link]

152. Zedong Zhao, Wuji Chen, Sarawoot Impeng, Mengxiong Li, Rong Wang, Yicheng Liu, Long Zhang, Lei Dong, Junjuda Unruangsri, Chengxin Peng, Changchun Wang, Supawadee Namuangruk,* Sang-Young Lee, Yonggang Wang, Hongbin Lu,* and Jia Guo*
Covalent organic framework-based ultrathin crystalline porous film: manipulating uniformity of fluoride distribution for stabilizing lithium metal anode 
J. Mater. Chem. A 8, 3459 (2020) [Link]

151. Xiuxuan Sun, Meichun Li, Suxia Ren, Tingzhou Lei, Sang-Young Lee, Sunyoung Lee, and Qinglin Wu*
Zeolitic imidazolate framework-cellulose nanofiber hybrid membrane as Li-Ion battery separator: Basic membrane property and battery performance 
J. Power Sources 454, 227878 (2020) [Link]

150. Kwon-Hyung Lee, Seong-Sun Lee, David B. Ahn, Jaehyun Lee, Doyoung Byun, and Sang-Young Lee*
Ultrahigh areal number density solid-state on-chip microsupercapacitors via electrohydrodynamic jet printing 
Sci. Adv. 6, eaaz1692 (2020) [Link]

149. Dong Hyeon Kim, Yong-Hyeok Lee, Yong Bae Song, Hiram Kwak, Sang-Young Lee,* and Yoon Seok Jung*
Thin and Flexible Solid Electrolyte Membranes with Ultrahigh Thermal Stability Derived from Solution-Processable Li Argyrodites for All-Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries 
ACS Energy Lett. 5, 718−727 (2020) [Link]

148. Sang-Gil Woo, Sijae Yoo, Si-Hyoun Lim, Ji-Sang Yu, Kyungbae Kim, Jaegab Lee, Donggue Lee, Jae-Hun Kim,* and Sang-Young Lee*
Galvanically Replaced, Single-Bodied Lithium-Ion Battery Fabric Electrodes 
Adv. Funct. Mater. 1908633 (2020) [Link]

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147. Ju‐Myung Kim, Jae‐Ho Park, Eunmi Jo, Hyung‐Seok Kim, Seung‐Hyeok Kim, Wonyoung Chang,* Kyung Yoon Chung,* and Sang‐Young Lee*
Ecofriendly Chemical Activation of Overlithiated Layered Oxides by DNA-Wrapped Carbon Nanotubes 
Adv. Energy Mater. 1903658 (2020) [Link]

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146. Sang‐Ho Hong, Dae‐Han Jung, Jung‐Hwan Kim, Yong‐Hyeok Lee, Sung‐Ju Cho, Sang Hoon Joo, Hyun‐Wook Lee,* Ki‐Suk Lee,* and Sang‐Young Lee*
Electrical Conductivity Gradient Based on Heterofibrous Scaffolds for Stable Lithium-Metal Batteries 
Adv. Funct. Mater. 1908868 (2020) [Link]

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145. Kwon-Hyung Lee, David B. Ahn, Jung-Hui Kim, Ju-Won Lee, and Sang-Young Lee*
Printed Built-In Power Sources 
Matter 2, 345–359 (2020) [Link]

144. Sung-Ju Cho, Dae-Eun Yu, Travis P. Pollard, Hyunseok Moon, Minchul Jang, Oleg Borodin* and Sang-Young Lee*
Nonflammable Lithium Metal Full Cells with Ultra-high Energy Density Based on Coordinated Carbonate Electrolytes
iScience 23, 100844 (2020) [Link]

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